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Textile Recruitment Consultancy

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The textile industry is primarily concerned with the production of yarn, and cloth and the subsequent design or manufacture of clothing and their distribution. The raw material may be natural, or synthetic using products of the chemical industry.
In India, the Textiles and clothing industry is the second most important economic activity in terms of employment generation (after agriculture). It is also one of the major sources of export earnings for the country. However, due to the global economic crisis and financial slowdown the textile industry is in a state of flux which has resulted in business restructuring.

Being the second most important activity for employment generation after agriculture, India has a huge resource of manpower that is being currently engaged in Textile sector in India. The following table factors would give you an idea of the importance of textile industry in India:

  1. 14% contribution in Industrial Production
  2. 8% Excise and Customs revenue collections
  3. 12% of total manufacturing exports
  4. Employs about 35 million people 

In  value terms, India?s textile industry is estimated to be worth US $ 78.0 billion in 2010, comprising exports of US $ 22.0 billion and domestic market of US $ 56.0 billion. Further, India is the largest producer of Jute with 64% world production, second largest cotton producer with 21.5% world production and is also the second largest producer of silk. Though these numbers are fascinating but one must bear in mind that a major concern which might hamper the growth prospects of the industry is the non-availability of quality & skilled manpower.
To bridge this gap , a flagship programme called the Skill Development Programme has been conceptualized to improve the skill base of the workers along with this there are various courses offered by leading technical institutes for an engineering degree in textile and garments.

We can group the manpower skill level in for textile industry in 4 levels. Level 1, is the entry level where more than 85% of the total manpower is being used and is made up of manpower that has minimal education and with some training one can enhance their employability. Level 2, consists of manpower that has a technical degree in textile industry and has the knowledge of complex operations and machinery. These skills are useful to get one employed as a supervisor in a textile industry, there are about 10% workforce that is currently working in level 2. Technical Engineers that have been working in textile industry for more than 5 Years and have high technical skills and experience in this domain constitute level 3 and they are currently 3% of the total manpower used. Finally at the top of the pyramid we have scientists and highly experienced Engineers with research degrees that help to evolve and invent new technologies and processes in textile industry. Following would give you a brief idea about the manpower pyramid in textile industry not only in India but across the world.


Textile Industry in India


If you are looking for Textile recruitment from India, then Indian government has got in place various technical institutions to fill the various skill gaps that can be found in a textile industry.  Skill gap can be found at different hierarchical levels in a Textile organization, e.g. at operative level, supervisory level, middle management level or senior management level. So to remove the skill gap at various levels different strategies and institutes have been set up in India to overcome these skill gaps.

To equip Indian Manpower with the right technical knowledge, Indian government has established various institutes across the country. Following table illustrates some of the institutes that are focused solely for the purpose of textile industry:


Manpower From Textile Industry

With textile industry playing a central part in India’s economic development and with the setting up of numerous engineers institutes for Textile engineers, the textile industry world over would definitely benefit for the quality of textile manpower provided by India. If you are looking for a textile engineer for India, then you can contact MM Enterprises, one of the leading and government authorized recruitment agency in India.



Following is a brief presentation about the textile industry recruitment from India.



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