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Refer a Friend and win Cash Rewards

buddy referral cash rewardsHello Friends,
We are offering you a win-win situation today. I assure you this will not be a waste of your time. We request a little attention as this involves Monetary Rewards and could make or break careers of your contacts.

We, Recruiters, see candidates in three categories.
1.Candidates interested for the opening but not matching the requirements.
2.Candidates matching the requirements but not interested in the opening.
3.The right Candidate ( who is aware of oblivious of the opening )

You could be in any of these three categories. If you happen to be in the last category then you have the job for sure. If you find yourself in any of the first two categories and you are approached by recruiters like us for some particular vacancy then what do you do? Trash the mail and curse the employer?

Now here is the best part. With your new buddy referral program you will smile every time you see a job offer that does not suit you.
What do you have to do?
Just forward it to a friend or refer your friend to us, those who seem to fulfill the requirement. Simple, eh.
What Do you Get?
You get the satisfaction of having helped a friend improve his career. So your friend owes your favor that could translate to a similar recommendation or other benefits.
And as we mentioned in the headline you are entitled to a cash reward from us.

What are the terms and conditions?
We make things totally simple and straight forward.
You make 25% of your friend’s monthly offered compensation.
You get the reward only if he completes three months at the new workplace.
You are not supposed to refer people who have dubious track record or criminal history.
You can refer only 4 people in a financial year.

Join our referral program to stay updated with openings with us that you can pass on to your buddies and make some quick cash.

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