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Recruit Electrical Technicians from India | Junior Electrical Engineers Recruitment

We simply cannot live without electricity and hence we know the importance of Electrical Technicians in our daily lives and our success of our business. Every small and big company has a full time / part time electrical technician associated with it. We loose valuable business and put employees at discomfort when electricity of electrical appliances / heavy machinery / circuits fail.


Electrical Technicians are executives who have an electrical / electronics background and can help design electric circuits, develop and repair custom electrical tools and equipments, test newly developed components and machines, manage heavy electrical units, look after safety and quality guidelines as required by an organization under the supervision of a superior technician or electrical engineers. Sometimes they might have to work in heavy industries like Oil and Gas, Cement Industries, Constructions, manufacturing and similar areas where they need to deal with things on a larger scale and extreme conditions.


Before we offer Electrical Technicians for you we make sure they have the right knowledge supported by a degree or diploma. They must have adequate work experience in industries similar to yours. We put a strong emphasis in exposure to international standard tools and work methodology so that it is not difficult for them to habituate themselves in your country. Communication skills and knowledge of english is a must, even though we look for working knowledge your local language. Mostly candidates get used to the local language in a few months and even faster if the employers provide a special language/cultural orientation training.

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