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Petrochemical Recruitment Consultancy

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It seems like every product that is being used these days have the plastic component in it. Also known as the polymers in technical lingo, the plastic is derived from the crude oil and used widely in automobiles, packaging materials, toys, textiles and construction of building among many other purposes. Consequently, the petrochemical industry is growing rapidly with the rise in demand of products made by the components of petroleum.


A petrochemical industry basically engages in the task of extracting the chemical products from petroleum. However, if you are looking for a job in one of the most budding industries presently then you should consult a petrochemical recruiting agency for the same. The large industries generally associate themselves with the recruiting companies when they have vacancies rather than directly approaching the market area. Following types of jobs can be looked for in the petrochemical industries:


  • Designing Engineers- The petrochemical plants require very detailed designing in order to have a faultless model prepared. A designing engineer for petrochemical industry should have a thorough knowledge about the operations of the plant to perform his job efficiently.


  • Project Engineers- A project engineer would be required to handle the field assignments. Besides having the basic knowledge about engineering, he should be a confident leader and hold good communication skills as he would be expected to take a lead on the projects and hence assist others.


  • Supervisors- A supervisor would be expected to perform the job of not only looking after the timely completion of projects, but he will also have to identify the risks that could be involved and thus provide a detailed recommendation of the on-field engineers about the methods that could be adopted to alleviate those risks.


  • General level workers and technicians- They perform all the on-field tasks that are assigned by the higher authorities. Thus, they should have the basic training of working with the plant and processing the projects.


  • Cost Estimator or Accounts Manager- As the projects undertaken by a petrochemical industry generally involve huge figures, a person having commerce background would be hired to estimate the cost of a particular assignment and then minimize the cost of production while maximizing the profits for the company.


You can drop you CV with the recruiting agencies so that they can contact you if a job suitable to your skills and requirements become vacant within the companies associated with them.

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