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Five ways to fast track your career in early years - NEWS

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Work Extra Hard:- 'Enjoy what you are doing, do your contracted job well and show success in it because that is what you have been hired for. And then work a delta harder to showcase your passion and talent in areas outside your stipulated job role. Demonstration of the passion will automatically draw the attention of the manager to invest in you,' says Shaily Gupta, group head, human resources, Edelweiss Financial Services. Set High Standards:- Take personal responsibility and have high professional standard and people will notice you, says Vikram Tandon, head of human resources, HSBC. 'What fundamentally differentiates leaders are those who run that extra mile, set a high standard consistently and are willing to take up issues,' he adds. Have Patience:- Show your commitment to whatever you take up and give it a time. 'Success has a time lag, it does not happen overnight. Before the flight takes off, there is a long runway. Complete the runway. It will be appreciated and noticed by bosses,' says Gupta. Show a Can-do Attitude:- Young leaders need a 'can -do' attitude. 'A positive approach, tolerance and acceptance of ambiguity and integrity can help young professionals outshine,' says Madhavi Lall, regional head-human resources, India and South Asia at Standard Chartered Bank. Don't Be Arrogant:- Finally, make lots of friends in the organisation. 'Make sure your confidence is not mistaken for arrogance. That arrogance brings in an 'I know' syndrome. Instead have an 'I seek help' attitude, and the organisation will start helping you and will work towards your development,' says Gupta of Edelweiss.

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