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Hiring Mechanical Technicians | Mechanical Technician Recruitment

Mechanical technicians assist Mechanical engineers, Architects and Safety Engineers in machine design, construction, new machine modifications, repair and maintenance, developing mechanical tools, making and improving consumer products and dealing with various mechanical equipments.

Some of the major tasks performed by these executives include discussing design methodology, method of manufacture, drafting techniques and other aspects with the team and senior officials/engineers to coordinate the job at hand.


If you are looking for graduates to fill these posts that’s what we provide you. We understand that the candidates should be used to applications of arithmetic, geometry, calculus, algebra, statistics, common laws of physics computers and electronic circuits, chips, processors. Apart from the technical requirements we emphasize on the candidate being an active listener with comprehensive reading ability, critical thinking, effective communicator, ability to define optimal solution to complex problems and a team player.


We find the right Mechanical Technicians according to your requirements. MME deals primarily in Constructions, Oil and Gas, Roadways, Heavy Engineering industries where the demand of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians is constantly increasing. We make sure the candidates match the exact experience and outlook. Since we deal with international clients most of the time we know how communication abilities and adaptability to foreign tools is important for a prospective candidate. Despite that we always talk to our employers to provide an initial on job training to help the candidates get acquainted with the work atmosphere, tools and technology.


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