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Right Salary Expectation for Overseas Placements

April 3rd, 2014 No comments

With more than 20 Years of experience in providing international placements to Indian Jobseekers by MM Enterprises, we are currently seeing an increasing trend where candidates have salary expectation from overseas placements that far exceed the market expectations.  We conducted an internal survey of 450 job seekers who are looking for overseas placements and more than 55% quoted a salary hike of three times more than their present salary and another 20% quoted a salary hike of more than four times their present salary. From our experience, these candidates have raised their hopes than what the market prescribes especially for Middle East and Europe.

To decide what the right expected salary is for candidates for overseas placements, please keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Country where you would be working:  Based on the country you would be working; hugely impacts your salary expectations. For example, currently one is expected to get double his current salary in Middle East but if you are working in Germany this could be three times your current salary
  2. Safety of Job: Countries those are currently instable like Afghanistan or Syria can offer you a better salary than safer countries like Jordan or UAE. At MM Enterprises, we do not encourage candidates to be placed in instable countries considering the risks involved.
  3. Expertise: Most European countries look for highly expertise manpower from India and if you believe that you have the right qualification and experience then you can expect a higher salary. If that is not the case, then companies are offering salaries that are still much more lucrative then offered in India.  
  4.  Saving/Expenses Considerations: Candidates should always calculate their savings and expenses while working overseas to that working in India and then derive at a meaningful salary expectation. Generally, your savings would be far greater from overseas employment than in India.
  5. Currency you would be paid: It is important to know the currency in which you are going to be paid in. Most of the companies pay in the currency where you are located but if you are job takes you to various places then it’s always a good idea to know the currency that you would paid. The stronger the currency in International market the more you get in hand compared to your current Indian salary.
  6. Compensation Details: Another important factor the candidates should always check is is there any other compensation that is being provided like housing, food, utility bills etc. If that is the case then it greatly impacts your overseas expenditure and you should calculate your expected salary accordingly.

Apart from the salary considerations, candidates should also note the following suggestions before finalization on their overseas placement:

  1. Make your Mind: Candidates should first check why they need overseas placements and then should be firm with their decision.
  2. Discuss with your Family: Working in a different country not only impacts you in a big way but it also affects your family. So discuss this aspect in detail with them and take their blessings before making your decision final.
  3. Company Credentials: While finalizing on any company do a complete research on the company, like company profile, history, product, job location, country, currency, work environment etc.
  4. VISA Process: Acquiring a visa is a time taking process and a matter of financial investment on client’s part and normally it takes upto 2 months to get a VISA. If candidates have any doubts regarding their employment it should be conveyed before the VISA initialization process as last minute cancellation is a complete loss for not only clients investment but also time as the recruitment process would start from the scratch once again. So candidates need to be 100% certain about their overseas employment.
  5. Documentations: Make sure all your documents are in place and make sure that you also have any additional documents required by the company. This helps in making the complete process easy and hassle free as both you and the company are investing their time to make it work.

If you are a candidate looking for international placements, then please send us your resume at and if you are an organization looking for recruitment from India then please submit your query or write to us at

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20 Tips for recruitment in Middle East from India

January 2nd, 2014 No comments

Following are some of the blog posts that have been featured on our blog related to recruitment for Middle East countries i.e. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE etc. These blog posts highlight the diverse nature of recruitment needs of these countries along how this need is being fulfilled by recruitment agencies in India.

1. Recruitment Scenario in Kuwait: This blog post highlights the current recruitment scenario in Kuwait.

2. What are the new norms in Kuwait for Indian employees: Published in 11th July 2013, this blog post highlights the new norms that were introduced by Kuwait related to international manpower working in Kuwait along with the new Visa norms issued by the government.

3. What are the new norms in Saudi Arabia for Indian engineers?: There are certain new norms for Indian engineers for working in Saudi Arabia. According to ‘Nitaqat Law’, implemented by the Saudi Arabian government, the 10% of jobs in small and medium scale companies are reserved for locals thus, improving the employment scenario within the country. Find out more about such laws in this blog post.

4. What is the role of a recruitment agency for Gulf Hiring?: This blog post is a brief roadmap for all the Indian’s who would like to work in Gulf countries.

5. What is the scope of engineering industry in Qatar?: As the name suggests, this blog post highlights the current engineering scope in Qatar for Indians.

6. Kuwait Manpower Recruitment Consultants from India: If you are looking for getting employed in the country that is located at the western edge of India (Kuwait) then this is the right blog post for you.

7. What is the vacant position’s status in Kuwait?: Still looking more for Kuwait? Then find out what is current vacant status in Kuwait through this blog post.

8. Career scope 2013 in Qatar: Though this blog post was featured on April 2013 but it is still worth a read for all those who are planning to get a job in Kuwait.

9. UAE as one of the best countries to work in Gulf – We give you 5 reasons why UAE is considered as one of the best countries to work in Middle East.

10. What is the Oman Industrial Status?: We are talking about the industrial development in Oman and how you can benefit from this industrial up-gradation that Oman is currently witnessing.

11.  Contribution of Engineers for the Infra Development in Oman: We highlight how Engineers from around the world are contributing to Infra development scenario in Oman.

12. Technician Recruitment Agency for Qatar Companies: We highlight some of the features are mandatory for a technical recruitment agency for recruitment in Qatar.

13. How to choose right target industry for Kuwait?: This blog post is for the candidates who have made up their mind to work in Qatar and are now looking for the right industry to initiate their career.

14. Oil & Gas Recruitment Agency for Oman: Oman having abundant reserves of Oil and Gas, thus, making it one of the most sought after recruitment opportunities in Oman.

15. Construction Recruitment Agency for Kuwait: Kuwait, a country where economy structure is completely tax free and witnessing a surge in GDP. This blog post highlights only one aspect of the booming construction industry and its recruitment demands.

16. Saudi Arabia Recruitment Consultants from India: Are you aiming for a high paying Job in Saudi Arabia and don’t know to go about it? Check out this blog post that educates you how you can go about it.

17. Construction scope in Dubai: Dubai being one of the favorite destinations for employment globally, we highlight the construction recruitment scope in Dubai from India.

18. Demand of Construction engineers in UAE and Saudi Arabia: Though this blog post was featured around 1 Year back in November 2012, its message is still true and there is still an acute shortage of qualified construction engineers not only in UAE and Saudi Arabia but the entire Middle East.

19. Are You Looking For International Recruitment?: What are the initial steps that would help you find a job outside India? Check this blog post to know the answer.

20. What is the working status for Construction Industry in Oman? : We explore from a cultural and emotional side that how different is it to work in a construction industry in Oman for an Indian.

If you are an organization looking for the right talent from India then you can submit your requirement here , we offer 2 free sample resumes to highlight the talent pool managed by us specific to your recruitment. For candidates who are looking for international recruitment please submit your resumes here

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Construction Engineer Recruitment Agency

October 1st, 2013 No comments

If you are contemplating going for a lifetime career in the construction industry, you need to take into account the industry future. Will it remain strong a decade from now or will manufacturing development work would be far and few between? There is very less doubt that the manufacturing industry provides countless employment opportunities for people of varied skill sets and educational qualifications. Construction also plays an essential role in the fitness of a country’s GDP, if construction work is low, the economy is often languishing.

For engineers looking to obtain a job within this industry, there are various construction engineer jobs to decide from, fresh engineers who have been certified will often be tasked to consider topographical data. New engineers today tend to be proficient with a working computer, which they use to make hydraulic system and structure designs. In construction, every section of the building process contains a corresponding code which needs to be followed as per the book.

Experts who are working in construction related jobs have the responsibility to make sure that building codes are being adhered too and that the project or aspects of the project that they can be assigned too are completed in keeping with the blueprint of the plan. On top of that, new engineers can also need to be certain that a construction site stays neat and hygienic and also prospective sites are free from hindrances and potential problems which could hinder construction work at the site.

For all those who are looking to get construction engineering jobs, there are primarily two aspects that ought to be taken note of. Firstly, the technicality of the trade, a construction engineer needs to have impeccable technical knowledge. The second aspect is the managerial ability to oversee the working of the complete construction project as usually it’s the responsibility of a senior construction engineer to make sure that the complete project is progressing in a timely and orderly manner.

Hence, if you are ready for the challenge to be a construction engineer then construction  recruitment consultants can help you find the right opportunities to explore this field. However, you need to be cautions of your options as most of the construction opportunities might not be available near you. It goes without saying, that construction industry though offers handsome salary package and other incentives but you must be ready to spend some time away from your family.

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Quality Control Engineer Job Description

March 16th, 2013 No comments

As the name suggests, the  quality control engineers are having the responsibility of developing the quality controlling standards or rules in the industries. After the development, the next step is the application of the quality controlling standards in the industries.  The standards are closely related to the concepts like material utilization, the improvement of the manufacturing processes and the set of standards related to the product.

The main functionality of a Quality controlling engineer is as under :

  1. The testing of the products and the procedures.
  2. The inspecting the products and the procedures.
  3. Evaluation of the products and the procedures.

The quality control engineers are mainly from chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering fields. There are many short term as well as the long term courses focusing on the extensive training and real time issues to be dealt in this field.  The job also requires exceptionally good communicational  skills including both written as well as verbal communicational skills.

The job profile of a quality control engineer is a very promising career offering a handsome pay and package even at the starting levels. The average pay package of a quality control engineer is ranging from twelve thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars.

A quality control engineer can also take up the responsibility of conducting training sessions and imparting training to the ones who are novice to the field. The engineers do write and compile the training materials which also act as a future reference for all the new joinees as well as new trainees.


The career growth as well as the future prospectus for the job profile of a quality control engineer are exceptionally excellent. The field is the hottest one in the middle- east countries and also in the gulf. It is an altogether new and a different kind of engineering application till date.

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Engineering Recruitment Agency in India

February 1st, 2013 1 comment

If considering the trend of today’s society; Engineers are considered to be the cream of the society because of the effort they put in. Also their contribution to the society is remarkable. There are many fields in which the engineers are working like Automobiles, Computers, Electronics, Biotechnology, Aeronautics, etc. Engineers have big hand in transforming the antediluvian world to the modern world that we know today. Without Engineers the society will be like humans without the backbone.

But somehow, inspite of having good knowledge base, hardworking capabilities; every engineer is not able to attain that recognition in India that he deserves because of lack of facilities available here. Keeping these drawbacks in mind, recruitment agencies came up with an idea of connecting engineers to various companies.  Engineering Recruitment Agency provides a platform to Engineers where the engineers get a chance to show their talent. If talking in simple words we can say that these agencies make the employers meet the employees.

They basically act as a supporting medium for engineers where they can grab the opportunities as per their wish. They are advantageous to the engineers as well as play an important role in removing the overheads of the companies by providing them with the number of candidates out of which the company can choose its employees. These agencies work in a proper systematic way where everything goes in a proper manner. There are many sectors in which Engineering Recruitment agency in India works. These include airports, architecture, hospitals, bridges and tunnels, rail infrastructure, project management and many more.

Engineering Recruitment agencies act as the boon to the market as they save the time and money of the companies which they would have otherwise wasted in gathering the applicants and which would have not been as per their requirements too. Moreover, these agencies play vital role in development of career of the engineers.  At the end we can conclude that these agencies play a crucial role in society for both Engineers and start-ups or well established Engineering companies.