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Sales Engineers Growing Demand Worldwide

October 22nd, 2013 No comments

Sales engineers are in demand these days; they are picking up higher salaries than any engineer having comparable experience and qualifications. Sales engineers are the ones who are able to convert a brand new technical product, application or service into a successful sale for the company. Hence, a sales engineer not only commands an impeccable technical knowledge but also marketing and sales skills as he is the one who is directly responsible for the revenue generation of the company.

As there has been a very distinct rise in the demand for sales engineer, along with an handsome compensation plus sales incentives,  a sales engineer is becoming a highly sought after job, where one has to travel from place to place attending meetings with the clients and making sales pitches.

A sales engineer is required to be richly skilled in communication skills and analytical skills. He/ She must possess enough confidence and convincing power. A recruitment agency is the one which will make you aware of the eligibility criteria set forth by the companies. A technical sales recruitment company is a guiding lamp which lays out precise steps to lead you to various MNC’s that are looking for sales engineers. They provide you with the necessary training and prepare you for the interviews so that you are equipped to handle the interview well.

There is also an added advantage of joining a recruitment agency as you don’t have to spend your valuable time in looking out for job openings as a recruitment agency is aware of various openings and also can educate you that if the required opening suits your experience and educational background. Further, they make you comfortable with the work environment after your placement and also help you in various ways post your successful recruitment.

As previously mentioned, technical sales engineers mix technical knowledge with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of technical services, products or applications. The clients that use the services of technical sales representatives are into highly specialized and scientific fields and to sell anything to them one need to be technically competent to explain the client about the various technical aspects of the product/service one is pitching for. Hence, technical sales representative most know the product thoroughly to make the right sale.

Apart from the sales aspect, technical sales engineers also play a pivotal role in after sales support to clients and are in regular touch with their clients even after the sale has been done. They liaise regularly with other members of the operations team and colleagues from various departments, such as research, development, design, purchasing, production and quality to name a few.

Generally, for any Technical Sales Engineer tasks typically involve:

  • searching for potential clients who might benefit from the services offered by him. One can search for potential clients by sustained marketing activities like attending trade shows, conferences and supplementary marketing events;
  • understanding client requirements and how the product/service he is offering would benefit the cleint
  • persuading clients that a product or service best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price and delivery;
  • negotiating tender and contract terms and conditions to meet both client and company needs;
  • calculating client quotations and administering client accounts;
  • developing long-term associations with clients via managing and interpreting their requirements;
  • providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education, and after-sales support services;
  • analyzing costs and sales;

Complete knowledge and responsibility of all the technical aspects of the sale is critical for a successful sale and the working of the parent company.

If you are willing to have this technical role carried out in the context of the company’s sales process and also you are willing to work extra hard, travel an extra mile and put in an extra hour of effort than this profile would not only be financially satisfying but also act as a catalyst to boost your career progress.

MM Enterprises, engineering and technical consultant’s helps in placing highly skilled permanent Engineering & Technical professionals in diverse areas. With offices in India, we specialize in providing exceptional Technical Engineering professionals from India to clients located worldwide.

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How to check job seeker genuinity

May 1st, 2013 No comments

One of the major goals of an individual now a day is to find a job. In this competitive world one should be earning in order to sustain a living. Unemployment is amajor stigma on one’s personality. The most pragmatic thought which ponders into the mind is to have a respectable and well paid job. Now days due to increasing population and hike in prices, the hub bub is how to sustain a well living. The obvious option appears to find a perfect job. Most of all, the question is about how genuine the job is.

Many individuals apply for versatile jobs on social media sites, online in different companies and also sometimes search for the positions in newspaper. Many a time’s the job seeker’s profile gets visible around the internet and other social networking sites. Therecan be a possibilityof getting betrayed by the fake offer and scams. Being a job seeker,it is very important to know how genuine the job offer is because this is one of the easy ways to gain money, treacherously stalking the peopleby providing them with most convincing fake job.

To find whether the given job is genuine is not, Google everything.Know the roots of the firm before applying. Check the companies mentioned, website addresses, name used and the phone numbers given. One can post such kind of queries relating fraud job offers, on anti-fraud-busting sites and can read the comments by different people in the post. Some thumb rules ever remembered are that if a job asks you to use credit cards for payments or bank account or force to open one, or asks to send or mail any kind of demand draft, cheque or money order, or to use Western Union or moneygram, to pay the VISA charges, travelling fees etc. all these are the indications that something is wrong. Make sure that the offer is made only when you have one to one interviews and they don’t ask for any kind of payments.

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What is the vacant position’s status in Kuwait?

April 11th, 2013 No comments

Kuwait which is one of the capital countries in Middle East is a hub for many promising job opportunities. There are many job vacancies available for talented individuals to try out. If you are looking for a high profile and highly paid job then Kuwait is the best place to start looking for it.

There are many global job websites on the internet and you can start your search from here. You can get yourself registered to their services and a mail will be sent to you as soon as a job opportunity pops up that suits your qualification level, interest and pay. You can get yourself registered to some of these sites and then wait for the right job to come your way. There are numerous opportunities for professions like teaching, engineering, MBBS, MBA, hotel management, international level chefs, banking, event management, etc. There are also jobs for less qualified individuals in professions like waitressing, driving, maintenance and repair mechanism, sales person jobs, etc.

Kuwait is a major city in Middle East which has seen a major infrastructural development in the past few years. Due to this reason the job opportunities and job vacancies have also increased tens fold in the city. A lot of people look for foreign job opportunities to kick start their career and earn some good amount of money. If that is the case with you then you should start looking at places which advertise Kuwait job vacancies. Apart from global job posting websites you can also see for job advertisement in the international job section in your Newspaper.

The major job opportunity in Kuwait is in the petroleum industry for obvious reasons. Kuwait and surrounding areas have numerous petroleum resources. If you specialize in petrochemical engineering or civil engineering or mechanical then your chances are pretty good at getting a job in Kuwait.

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Career scope 2013 in Qatar

April 10th, 2013 No comments

Thinking about getting a job in Qatar? Well then you have made the right decision. As of the year 2013 it can be safely said that Qatar is flooded with many creative and well paying job opportunities. A lot of people look for foreign jobs that pay you well, Qatar is one of the most sought after places in the world where people come specifically for jobs.

The reason why career scope 2013 in Qatar looks so promising is because due to rapid development of almost all Middle East States, new jobs are manpower are required by both government and private organizations. The major fields where the chances of getting a job in Qatar are high are: teaching, engineering, information technology, hotel management, cooking and culinary skills, civil engineering, manpower for oil rigs, etc.

Qatar is one of those places in the world which has seen vast development in the past few years. This development process has led to arising of various great job opportunities for individuals all over the world. The pay is lucrative, the offices posh, the places comfortable and relaxing and the lifestyle high standard. What better can a person ask for in a job and in his or her life? Qatar being a Middle East State is also rich in petroleum, oil and natural gas reserves which require a lot of manpower too. This is why civil, mechanical and petrochemical engineers have great job opportunities in Qatar. Due to the attraction of a lot international crowd for the purpose of jobs Qatar has numerous international schools, that is why there is an extra hike in the teaching job position. Developing of modern infrastructure like hotels, malls, clubs and restaurants also ask for educated and etiquette filled staff. Establishing of various Multi National Organizations as well as domestic organizations also require managers in top posts like CEO, CFO etc as well as many other managerial posts.

Job Description for Optical Technician

April 8th, 2013 No comments

Job description: The main job of an optical technician is to create a wide variety of lenses for varying purposes. The lenses generally created by an optical technician include: contact lenses, prescribed eye glasses, and other optical instruments. An optical technician works in ophthalmic laboratories and can work independently or on retail. As an optical technician you have to work under the supervision of authorized a certified professionals like ophthalmologists and optometrists.

An optical technician always works on the backside of the counter meaning he doesn’t deal with customers. An optometrist is the one who deals with the customers checks their eye sight, takes care of prescriptions, etc. The main job of the optical technician is to find out which equipment would be perfect for a customer on the basis of the information mentioned on the prescription.

Various jobs of an optical technician:

  • Creating Glasses: The technician has to find the right lenses available in the stock and then grind them so that they would meet the specification mentioned on the prescription. After the lenses are prepared they need to be fir into a frame selected by the customer that is also the responsibility of the technician. Repairing broken pair of glasses is also the responsibility of the technician.
  • Creating Contact Lenses: Almost same procedure is followed for creating contact lenses also. The right equipment needs to be identified. This is followed by cutting outside and inside curvature of the lenses according to customer’s requirement. The prescription contains all the real eye details required to make the perfect pair of contact lenses for a customer.

In order to become a technical optician you must be at least high school pass. After that you need a one year vocational training and certificate to prove your credibility in the field.  You can also enter a medical college and get a two year degree on the same.

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