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Qatar preparing to host Soccer World Cup 2022

July 24th, 2014 No comments



With the terrific win of Germany in the current Soccer World Cup 2014 which were perfectly hosted by Brazil at a total cost of $11 Billion with many complaining about such a lavish expenditure for a developing country like Brazil. The next world cup of 2018 are being held in Russia that already has the necessary infrastructure inplace as its also hosting the 2016 world Oympics and have already set a budget of about  for the event.

Qatar on the contrary would be the first Arab country to host the Soccer world cup in the Year 2022 and had to overcome huge odds win the contract to host the cup. The biggest hindrance was its hot climate that can become really unbearable during the summers that is around June-July when World cup is normally held. The temperature during this time can rise upto 50 degree Celsius. To overcome this hindrance all the stadiums are to be temperature controlled and Qatar would be using other advance technology to over this odd.

Qatar is preparing on a massive $200 billion on soccer world of which around $140 billion is for transportation infrastructure like world class airport development, roads and rail network and about $20 billion in Tourism infrastructure. It is also investing big on solar energy to power its stadium cooling systems and has been recruiting in large numbers to help it complete its projects on time.

At MM Enterprises, we have been associated with Qatar for more than 20 Years in providing skilled and highly skilled manpower from India. We have been providing civil, electrical and other engineers for several companies in Qatar.

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Improving Employee Engagement in your Organization

May 28th, 2014 No comments

As an HR manager you have just conducted a successful internal survey about “employee job satisfaction” and the results are pretty impressive.  Do these results mean that your manpower is committed to your organization and is willing to go extra mile? According to the recent research done in HR field, an employee job satisfaction is not the primary driver but it’s rather an employee “attitude towards commitment” towards the company goals which are inculcated as personal goals that ensures an overall positive employee and employer relationship. Now, the important question is how an organization can develop this “attitude towards commitment” in its employees. And this question is even more important these days’s with companies employing fever employees where they can’t afford to have an employee which is not totally engaged as it can have a drastic effect on the company’s business.

Advantages for an organization whose employees have a positive “attitude towards commitment” for an organization are:

  1. Employees are motivated to handle tough problems and have more resilience during tough times faced by organizations.
  2. Employees contribute more to the bottom line by encouraging other employees whereby increasing their engagement level.
  3. Organizations are able to weather difficult times with less difficulty compared to organizations which have less engagement centric manpower because of fewer turnovers.
  4. Overall profitability of the organization increases.

Now, what are some of the strategies that are being used by organizations to boost employee “attitude towards commitment”:

  1. Tailor engagement programs across various teams: Let your employees know how they are contributing towards to company’s success and how their work is interrelated across various teams by conducting engagement programs.
  2. Reward the performer: Many organizations have either a blanket reward system or a very rigid reward system where the difference between a top performer and under performer is a difference of 10% in the overall reward system. To effectively engage with your employee’s reward in proportion to their contribution to the company’s success.
  3. Stop segregating the work atmosphere: Segregation between status hierarchies within an organization creates a barrier and fosters a feeling of “we” and “them”, which is not fruitful for an organization.  Rather, there should be feeling that everyone’s commitment towards the organization matters.
  4. 4.       Invest in non-monetary incentives:  While monetary incentives do work. However, sometimes a custom and personal incentive can also work. Like, a coupon for “fitness membership” or “complimentary dinner” etc. These tend to foster a feeling of togetherness and can boost an employee commitment level. 
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Sales Engineers Growing Demand Worldwide

October 22nd, 2013 No comments

Sales engineers are in demand these days; they are picking up higher salaries than any engineer having comparable experience and qualifications. Sales engineers are the ones who are able to convert a brand new technical product, application or service into a successful sale for the company. Hence, a sales engineer not only commands an impeccable technical knowledge but also marketing and sales skills as he is the one who is directly responsible for the revenue generation of the company.

As there has been a very distinct rise in the demand for sales engineer, along with an handsome compensation plus sales incentives,  a sales engineer is becoming a highly sought after job, where one has to travel from place to place attending meetings with the clients and making sales pitches.

A sales engineer is required to be richly skilled in communication skills and analytical skills. He/ She must possess enough confidence and convincing power. A recruitment agency is the one which will make you aware of the eligibility criteria set forth by the companies. A technical sales recruitment company is a guiding lamp which lays out precise steps to lead you to various MNC’s that are looking for sales engineers. They provide you with the necessary training and prepare you for the interviews so that you are equipped to handle the interview well.

There is also an added advantage of joining a recruitment agency as you don’t have to spend your valuable time in looking out for job openings as a recruitment agency is aware of various openings and also can educate you that if the required opening suits your experience and educational background. Further, they make you comfortable with the work environment after your placement and also help you in various ways post your successful recruitment.

As previously mentioned, technical sales engineers mix technical knowledge with sales skills to provide advice and support on a range of technical services, products or applications. The clients that use the services of technical sales representatives are into highly specialized and scientific fields and to sell anything to them one need to be technically competent to explain the client about the various technical aspects of the product/service one is pitching for. Hence, technical sales representative most know the product thoroughly to make the right sale.

Apart from the sales aspect, technical sales engineers also play a pivotal role in after sales support to clients and are in regular touch with their clients even after the sale has been done. They liaise regularly with other members of the operations team and colleagues from various departments, such as research, development, design, purchasing, production and quality to name a few.

Generally, for any Technical Sales Engineer tasks typically involve:

  • searching for potential clients who might benefit from the services offered by him. One can search for potential clients by sustained marketing activities like attending trade shows, conferences and supplementary marketing events;
  • understanding client requirements and how the product/service he is offering would benefit the cleint
  • persuading clients that a product or service best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price and delivery;
  • negotiating tender and contract terms and conditions to meet both client and company needs;
  • calculating client quotations and administering client accounts;
  • developing long-term associations with clients via managing and interpreting their requirements;
  • providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education, and after-sales support services;
  • analyzing costs and sales;

Complete knowledge and responsibility of all the technical aspects of the sale is critical for a successful sale and the working of the parent company.

If you are willing to have this technical role carried out in the context of the company’s sales process and also you are willing to work extra hard, travel an extra mile and put in an extra hour of effort than this profile would not only be financially satisfying but also act as a catalyst to boost your career progress.

MM Enterprises, engineering and technical consultant’s helps in placing highly skilled permanent Engineering & Technical professionals in diverse areas. With offices in India, we specialize in providing exceptional Technical Engineering professionals from India to clients located worldwide.

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How to check job seeker genuinity

May 1st, 2013 No comments

One of the major goals of an individual now a day is to find a job. In this competitive world one should be earning in order to sustain a living. Unemployment is amajor stigma on one’s personality. The most pragmatic thought which ponders into the mind is to have a respectable and well paid job. Now days due to increasing population and hike in prices, the hub bub is how to sustain a well living. The obvious option appears to find a perfect job. Most of all, the question is about how genuine the job is.

Many individuals apply for versatile jobs on social media sites, online in different companies and also sometimes search for the positions in newspaper. Many a time’s the job seeker’s profile gets visible around the internet and other social networking sites. Therecan be a possibilityof getting betrayed by the fake offer and scams. Being a job seeker,it is very important to know how genuine the job offer is because this is one of the easy ways to gain money, treacherously stalking the peopleby providing them with most convincing fake job.

To find whether the given job is genuine is not, Google everything.Know the roots of the firm before applying. Check the companies mentioned, website addresses, name used and the phone numbers given. One can post such kind of queries relating fraud job offers, on anti-fraud-busting sites and can read the comments by different people in the post. Some thumb rules ever remembered are that if a job asks you to use credit cards for payments or bank account or force to open one, or asks to send or mail any kind of demand draft, cheque or money order, or to use Western Union or moneygram, to pay the VISA charges, travelling fees etc. all these are the indications that something is wrong. Make sure that the offer is made only when you have one to one interviews and they don’t ask for any kind of payments.

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What is the vacant position’s status in Kuwait?

April 11th, 2013 No comments

Kuwait which is one of the capital countries in Middle East is a hub for many promising job opportunities. There are many job vacancies available for talented individuals to try out. If you are looking for a high profile and highly paid job then Kuwait is the best place to start looking for it.

There are many global job websites on the internet and you can start your search from here. You can get yourself registered to their services and a mail will be sent to you as soon as a job opportunity pops up that suits your qualification level, interest and pay. You can get yourself registered to some of these sites and then wait for the right job to come your way. There are numerous opportunities for professions like teaching, engineering, MBBS, MBA, hotel management, international level chefs, banking, event management, etc. There are also jobs for less qualified individuals in professions like waitressing, driving, maintenance and repair mechanism, sales person jobs, etc.

Kuwait is a major city in Middle East which has seen a major infrastructural development in the past few years. Due to this reason the job opportunities and job vacancies have also increased tens fold in the city. A lot of people look for foreign job opportunities to kick start their career and earn some good amount of money. If that is the case with you then you should start looking at places which advertise Kuwait job vacancies. Apart from global job posting websites you can also see for job advertisement in the international job section in your Newspaper.

The major job opportunity in Kuwait is in the petroleum industry for obvious reasons. Kuwait and surrounding areas have numerous petroleum resources. If you specialize in petrochemical engineering or civil engineering or mechanical then your chances are pretty good at getting a job in Kuwait.

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