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Construction Recruitment Agency in India for Constructions and Infrastructure Development Projects.


Construction And Infrastructure
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Development is the first priority for every nation. Infrastructure development in particular is indispensable for the development of economy. To keep up with this priority nations worldwide have laid down special plans to modernize and fast-track the constructions sector. Both private sector and public sector companies are giving emphasis to importing and developing latest infrastructure technology and hiring more people to keep pace with national goals. Hence, if you are looking for construction Manpower from India then:


(MME is a premium Construction Recruitment agency in India and provides Provide Professional / Executive / Managerial Class Construction Manpower Solutions except labor/Unskilled manpower.

Skilled manpower is a major concern for construction and infrastructure development companies. It is a challenging task to hire experienced personnel in construction industry at a short notice. MME, Construction Recruitment Consultants in India, provides optimum solutions for all kinds of construction recruitment in India needs of your organization. We deal with quality staff both in the domestic as well as overseas markets which makes us one of the most trusted construction recruitment consultants in India.

Its not just technical talent and soft skills that are yardsticks for recruitment process, we also take into account candidate's work records and certain personal attributes to guarantee a long-term association between the employee and the employer.

We provide staffs for:

·         Planning Manager

·         Design Engineer

·         Electrical  & Mechanical Engineer

·         Project Manager

·         Field Engineer

·         Geo Technical Engineer

·         Site Manager

·         Bridge Engineer

·         Town Planner

·         Construction Managers

·         Highways Engineer

·         Urban Designer

·         Quality Control Manager

·         Site Engineer

·         Chief Architect/Architecter

·         Aviation Planning

·         Civil Engineer

·         Civil Supervisor

·         Land & Revenue

·         Project Engineer

·         Sales & Marketing

·         GM highway

·         Toll Manager

·         Quantity Surveyor

·         Maintenance Engineer

·         Process Engineer

·         Geographic Information System(GIS)


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