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Construction Engineers Recruitment Consultants


Constructions engineers are a special breed of engineers who are a balanced fusion between Civil Engineers and Construction Managers. They deal with planning, designing, constructing and managing infrastructure projects like dams, bridges, roadways, buildings, rail roads, stadiums, airports etc. They live in a brick, mortar and metal world. They are valuable to any company that deals in infrastructure. It could be a small housing development firm or a multi billion dollar valuation company like MGR.


A construction engineer is primarily required to design if he works under a supervising Construction Manager. Experienced construction engineers design and manage as well. They make sure a project is completed within the allotted time and budget. Leading the team of workers and engineers and looking after their safety is also a concern. Sometime they have to work in far of places cut off from normal human reach like off-shore oil rigs, Polar Regions, deserts and space. We keep all these hardships in mind while selecting a suitable candidate to fit your requirement.


We have provided Construction Engineers to globally renowned construction companies. In most case where fluent English speaking candidates are required but we have successfully found and placed engineers who could communicate in a local language preferred by the clients. MM Enterprises is known for is personalized services that are tailored exactly according to your needs.

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