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AC Technicians Recruitment for Dubai, Gulf, Saudi Arab, Oman, Africa Europe

As the world heats up further every year (global warming) our cities become more difficult to inhabit in summer. Number of Air Conditioning system in any given area is rising in an exponential order. Corporate offices are the ones that cannot do without air-conditioning even for hour. It badly affects attrition damage and productivity of the workers. Schools, hospitals and government offices are the other big consumers of AC's. These machines need a constant maintenance and repair to stay in order. That is why AC technicians are such an important part of any big industry.

Typical duties of AC technician include inspection, Installation, repairs work, repairing chilled water and direct extension refrigeration, inspection of various parts like: coil, heating condenser pipes, control valve, compressor servicing, fan, blower, gauges and traps. (refer to AC Technicians Job Description here) They should also advice how many ACs and of what capacity need to be bought in order to meet the cooling demands of an office.

We normally provide AC Technicians to small and big companies and organization around the world. Most of the demand is from Middle east, African Countries and Europe. Given this wide market we make sure our Air conditioning Experts can understand the technical blueprints of machines of different make. Our men will be well versed in English and proficient in the use of their work tools. Most of them carry their own tools though a company policy of getting used to employers resources is also applicable. We prefer graduates though some employers ask for ITI technicians with AC repair experience as well.

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